The Growing Discontent Marco Rubio: People Can't Live on Minimum Wage...but We Shouldn't Raise It! 10/15/2015 12:38:42 PM
The Growing Discontent

Marco Rubio proves once again how much of a foolish, idiotic, immoral pawn he is. He admits to a basic obvious truth that people cannot live on minimum wage in this country. It is not enough money. Minimum wage simply represents slave wages. But, and here is the big but, he is against raising the minimum wage. WHAT???

He would rather (cue the trickle down record player), give tax cuts to the rich and rely on the private sector to pay higher salaries. Are you fucking kidding me man? I can't believe people are still selling this snake oil and that people are still buying it. This has been proven over the last 3+ decades that it does not work. It only allows the few rich to get richer and hurts the poor more. It's disgusting that we are still doing this to people in this country but I guess when you are on the rich side of things, it's easy to forget, and simply not give a shit, when people are hurting.


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