The Growing Discontent Chances Of A Contested Convention Jump After Ted Cruz's Big Win In Wisconsin 4/6/2016 1:01:11 PM
The Growing Discontent

With Trump's loss in Wisconsin, the likeliness of a contested convention just jumped to 75%. Trump can still win outright but it appears unlikely. If this is true, the Republican party could possibly tear itself apart this summer.

If the contested convention happens, I don't think Trump will win. If Trump loses at the convention, I definitely don't see Trump simply walking away. So either Trump wins outright, or the Republican party is divided this summer. And if the party is divided, how utterly terrifying is it to think that the 2 leaders that will emerge from it are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz? A unified Republican party will have trouble defeating Hillary (or Bernie). A divided Republican party will have no chance of winning. That is where we are headed and that is fine with me.

From Nov. 2008, the Republicans have actively conspired to destroy President Barack Obama. On the night of his 2009 innauguration, they met and agreed to block everything that he was for. They were against a stimulus package during the worst economic recession in 80 years and they were against saving the auto industry. They were against health care for all and they are against increasing funding to the VA to support our injured troops. And for all of their awful selfish deeds, what did they get? They were awarded the House and the Senate and increased ability to stop Obama and our country from moving forward.

It appears however that you really do reap what you sow. It has simply taken a little longer than expected for the Republican harvest to fully come in. But it is coming. The party of hate, that so desperately used their fear and hatred to try and destroy Obama, is now destroying itself. They are attacking themselves. The cancer that is the Republican party is metastasizing. It has been sick for decades but it might now be terminal.

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