The Growing Discontent Obama Judge is Confirmed. Republican Obstructionism is Confirmed 4/12/2016 3:48:38 PM
The Growing Discontent

So an Obama judicial nominee just got a vote in the Senate. That is because Mitch McConnell (R) let it happen. The McConnell led Senate is confirming judges at the slowest rate in 50 years. Now your first thought might be that these judges are horrible "communist" "socialist" judges. Well you would be wrong. The nominee went through with a vote of 90-0. Not a single senator opposed him.

McConnell is not against him. Republicans are not against him. They are against the man who nominated him, Barack Obama. They have been trying to block everything Obama has done since day one in order to make him a "one term president." They failed. Their opposition continues. They will let some nominees to trickle through the system to appear as though they are not obstructionists but everybody knows the truth. Everybody knows they are simply obstructionist, treasonous bastards who care little for this country but lots for their own power. 

Vote Blue in November!

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