The Growing Discontent Ted Cruz Cries About How Hard His Life is and Elizabeth Warren's Response is, well, Priceless 4/21/2016 9:22:01 PM
The Growing Discontent

Ted Cruz is scum. He is a slimeball. Canadians rejoice that he left is home country to infect us. And now he is complaining about "how hard running for President is" (wa-wa-wa-wa). It is amazing that people fall for this guy but they do (people are stupid). Now he is trying to garner sympathy for his tough life to raise more money for his campaign (that will eventually fail). Elizabeth Warren clearly does not like him and she showed her contempt for this spoiled little brat on Twitter. And I really enjoyed reading these. This has been shared a lot lately but it won't hurt to share it a little more.

Ted Cruz (from Elizabeth Warrens Twitter post)


Liz Warren

Thank you Liz.

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