Anon 1133 My thoughts on Trump for President 5/7/2016 10:24:59 AM
Anon 1133

He is a genius and I truly believe the only person running that would “Make America Great Again”.  I have never, ever been excited about anything in politics before. I always thought politicians were very “small” thinkers. I know they are trying to solve big issues that affect many people, but they only seem to look at one issue at a time they want to address for one set of constituents that they think small in terms of one issue, one solution. Trump is the one candidate that I ever got excited about and wanted to defend, because I understand his vision, even though I have never heard him or anyone else speak of it in the terms of the way I think about it.

All other candidates both Democrats and Republicans, when addressing audiences focus on what they perceive to be solutions to specific problems. Such as how to address low income, how to address illegal immigration, the economy, taxes, our international role in the world, and other one off issues. Those issues can’t each be addressed on their own without affecting the other another.

 There are a few analogies I use when speaking of Trump’s movement versus all the other candidates on both sides. One analogy, it’s like a bin full of balls, you take one out and a lot of the others shift. This provides the visual for people. The best however is a rubrics cube, which is probably the better analogy for those that have tried to solve the cube. If you move one row, the other rows shift, and if each row does not contain all of one color, the whole game changes because you continue to just move things around. But is you have a strategy, i.e. look at the rubrics cube holistically, and make the right set of moves, you can line everything up and solve the complete puzzle.

 That to me is the essence of the Donald Trump strategy and the reason he is not being pigeon-holed on any one issue. It is not about each issue separately, is how do we make it all work for all Americans, low-income, middle class and yes, business and large corporations. I can see it, and the more I use this as the argument when discussing the election, it’s amazing to see the light bulbs going off when people get it.

 I think Donald Trump thinks so “outside the box” as compared to other Politicians that are so focused on their own personal feelings and concerns, or those of the people who lobby and pay for them, they don’t even have the desire for a different way of looking at the issues facing America as a whole. I’m so happy to finally see a candidate that may truly be able to “Make America Great Again”.


Wishing Donald Trump and his family all the very best.

 PS... I will continue to do my part to get him elected, one person at a time if necessary. People need to understand his message better and right now I think I'm getting that message across as I interpret it!


Sincerely, Joyce Flavin

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