Anon 1164 An Open Letter to the President Elect 11/15/2016 4:16:12 PM
Anon 1164

An Open Letter to President Elect Donald J. Trump, November 11, 2016
Dear Mr. Trump,
Please let me start out by saying I did not vote for you nor support your bid for the highest office in the free world. With that said: congratulations on your winning the Office of President of the United States of America. The campaign was a hard fought battle and any objective observer has to admit you accomplished what seemed impossible. Now you are the most famous living person on earth. Your victory was won by great effort from you, your family and supporters.
I want to make it clear that I recognize you as the dully elected president. Although you did not win the popular vote, through our political system, the same one you so often referenced in your campaign, you achieved the Office and I fully endorse that conclusion.
Because we live in a democracy (demo=people; cracy=government) you soon will no longer be the CEO/promoter of a corporation but the employee of the people. As your new employer let us remind you that upholding the Constitution, Laws of the Land and keeping our faith in you is your job. As your employer we will reward you for doing that job or fire you in four years if you fail.
A lot of the things you said scared many of us and deeply brought into doubt your understanding of the Constitution/Bill of Rights and general function of government. You have our attention: the nation, the world and each of us individually are looking to see if you can handle the job you so vigorously sought.
We feel divided and frankly exhausted from the campaign and the caustic atmosphere it created. Parents are wondering what kind of role model you will be for their developing young sons in the way they will perceive women when they are grown men. We all accept that videos do not just go away so our impressionable children will be exposed to their President saying and claiming disturbing things about women, disabled persons, minorities, religion, immigrants and even veterans of war. We will be looking for you to address these issues in the near future. If apologies are warranted make them, please.
If you have wronged people in the past, confess what you did and make restitution. We deserve to have a President free from such distraction. Please, in the future, do not make fun of those you think are not up to your expectations: it is divisive. As our founding fathers were not perfect we do not expect you to be. However, we do expect you live up to the great legacy they left us and not detract from the institution they established.
Many of us recognize that the style of campaigning you choose brought out feelings and beliefs many citizens had that as a nation we may or may not have known were there. Surprising amounts of hatreds and divisions were revealed. I for one was disappointed in how many of our fellow citizens acted as the rest of the world was watching with great interest. I believe you are the only person who could have so clearly brought out those divisions. Thank you, we needed to know they are there so we can all work on them together. It should go without saying that you are the one who should lead the way towards healing those divisions. That will be a challenge your administration needs to give priority attention to.
Remember that without votes from rural communities you would not have been elected. Many of those rural communities feel overlooked in favor of the cities. As a lifelong city dweller it might be easy to forget the rural issues facing millions of Americans. Using earnest insight dealing with these problems will show your appreciation for those that helped put in in power.
You have already established your fame, from this point on you will be establishing your legacy. Will it be a legacy fortified with long term vision, taking responsibility as protector of us and all life on earth? Will your legacy be regarded by future generations with respect, derision or just forgotten?
You see, Mr. President Elect, we are so very interested because your legacy will, all or in part, be our legacy. As you go we will follow; as you accomplish good we will too; as you fail we in turn will be labeled failures. For all our sakes please consider the course you chose seriously.
Your fellow citizens are looking intently to you now, both supporters and detractors. For the next four years everything you do will be observed. Even the slightest decision you make can have dramatic effects on us now and for generations to come.
As you well know your entire family now needs the protection of the Secret Service. Please sir, consider taking away environmental protections the same as removing the Secret Service protection for your family. All of our families are just as vulnerable to pollution as your beautiful family is.
Focus on the job we hired you to do without selfishness and everything you desire for the office will be realized. Invite ‘we the people’ to be involved in your governing, even those you opposed or did not agree with. Listen to all the voices and come to your conclusions from their collective impute. Having the good of the people as your motivation will rally us all behind you, even if some of the choices you make are not the ones we individually wanted.
To conclude: The world is watching us as a nation. Are we going to be a great example of democracy other nations will be willing follow? Are we going to end up an example to avoid? Much of the answers are up to you. I for one am committed to supporting a forward thinking leader who will do what is right for the nation and generations to come. We all are counting on you to be that leader.
Respectfully, G. G. Beck, Poet

Thank you for reading this. Please pass it on.

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