The Growing Discontent Trump Tax Cuts Will Only Help the Rich and Create Huge Deficits 4/26/2017 1:32:25 PM
The Growing Discontent

If Trump has his way, tax cuts are coming. That means the rich will get even richer, the middle class will gain a little, and the poor will gain nothing. And lets not forget about our deficits. They will explode. Republicans who hate deficits, will learn to love them (again). But Republicans don't really hate deficits. They hate Democrats, minorities, the poor, animals, the environment, non-Christians, the Constituion (except the 2nd Amendment), etc.


A quick recap of recent tax cuts/increases.


Reagan Tax Cuts

Tripled our Debt

Lead us into a recession


Clinton Tax Increases

Budget surpluss

Greatest job growth in US history


Bush Tax Cuts

Double our debt

Lead us to the worst recession since the great depression


Obama Tax Increases (on the rich)

Doubled our Debt

Lead us out of Bush's recession

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