Ava The Kushners hire Jamie Gorelick as their attorney 6/19/2017 3:27:59 AM

Pence has his own lawyer and the Kushners (Ivanka and Jared) have their own lawyer too, so what does this say? They all need separate advice to protect themselves which means there are questions being asked that may result in criminal charges.

You don't hire lawyers for any other reason. Jamie Gorelick is a former Deputy Attorney General under Clinton, and why she chose to represent the Kushners is unknown. Gorelick has been shunned by her friends and those in her circle for this decision, but did she do the right thing? Surely she knew it would create rifts and if she was a good attorney she would know it would be a suicidal thing to do.

Was it a bright thing to do on the Kushners part, to hire a Democrat lawyer, one who campaigned for Clinton? Would Ivanka let her own father fall?

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