Anon 1239 Tweeting and the Presidency of Donald Trump 6/20/2017 3:00:24 PM
Anon 1239

Trump's tweets, some would say, have been the cornerstone of his presidency so far. No other president in American history has shared his inner thoughts on policy and government functions so publicly and immediately. 

His tweets influence public opinion. His #FakeNews tagline has made many distrustful of the media.

His foreign policy tweets have seemingly altered the US's relations with both its allies and its enemies. North Korea has become bold due to positive things Trump said about their leader. Angela Merkel said Germany can no longer rely on the US for leadership. 

There is even talk of the US intelligence organizations not trusting Trump with classified materials



What are your thoughts on Trump's use of his tweets? Do you foresee the effects of his tweets having a lasting impact? Do you think his communication should be modulated at all? Do you like his tweets? 


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