Dont Forget What Really Matters

  1. The Deficit is Exploding

  2. Republicans Refuse to Protect Our Elections

  3. Trump is Laundering Tax Payer Money Through His Personal Properties

  4. The Number of Uninsured is Growing

  5. Trump is Diverting Money from Our Military

  6. Trump Sided With Putin Over US Intelligence

  7. Republicans Are Threatening War in the Middle East

  8. Republicans Committed Election Fraud in North Carolina

  9. Trump is Suing to Hide His Taxes

  10. Trump Discussed the Mueller Report With Putin

  11. Steve Mnuchin is Breaking the Law to Protect Trump's Tax Returns

  12. Trump Lies About Hurricane Dorian and Then Uses the NOAA to Support His Lie

  13. Trump Lies About Helping Victims on 9/11

No matter what he tweets, never forget who he is.
#Conman #Coward #Liar #Traitor